We are , we create and provide solutions for the sake of art. Form music recordings & content creation to software development & new technologies integration.



The Tiny Studio is a small company with fresh ideas.

We do music recording, FOH, sound design, content production, video mapping, web & graphic design, photography, application development, A/V IP networks, & a bit of geeky things like Arduino, Raspberry & Kinnect development... All this often mixed in different productions & projects we are asked to do.

We are tiny and it allows us to quickly shape and adapt our structure, team and equipment to precisely meet our client's requests. We want to respect time, budget and artistic vision of the people we work with.

The Tiny Studio was created by Karl Ancia, Hi!

I built this company simply to do a few projects I find interesting and meaningful. I am very interested in the link between art and technology, therefore most of the projects I accept goes in that direction.

I started as an Audio and Video Production Manager & Recording Engineer at the national opera house of Belgium, La Monnaie, where I gained a great experience in both audio and video productions. Some productions & recordings I made won various awards (youhou).

I worked with artists such as Leo Hussain, L'Ensemble Modern, or La Fura dels Baus with whom I realized the sound design of the acclaimed Le Grand Macabre opera. I also made the sound design for Cendrillon by Laurent Pelly, Pelléas & Mélisande by Pierre Audi, La Dispute by Benoit Mernier or Il Trovatore by Dmitri Tcherniakov... and was involved in the video of Cendrillon by Stefan Gögler or Ivo van Hove's Idoménéo and many, many, more.










Music recordings is where I come from. Our recordings reproduce with the upmost fidelity the sound of your instrument or ensemble.

This being said, when desired, we love to test and create new sonority with you. Contemporary music and new waves of composition, including electronic instruments, offer new possibilities of localization.  Soundscaping is something I love to do.

To obtain the best sounding recordings, we only work with carefully chosen high quality equipment. DPA, Shoeps,...

We take a special care that you feel as much comfortable as possible during the recording process. We want you to have the opportunity to choose with us the place where you want to be recorded. It could be almost everywhere: it just needs to be silent and sound great.

We love to record live concerts. Our mobile recording set allows us easy and fast installation of a 64 tracks recording system in whatever place


These are some people we worked with: L'Orchestre du XXIème Siècle - Le Botanique - Sérine Labaume - Keep It Deep - Peter Tomek - SISMIK - Philippe Libois - Le Choeur de l'Eglise Saint-Pierre de Uccle - Francine Malherbe - La Fura Dels Baus - Leo Hussain - Aftertouch - La Chapelle / Gam Studio - YesButNow - Stefan Cifolelli - L'Ensemble Modern - Royal Hotel - Luba - Muriel Urquidi - Climax Studio - Anne Renouprez - deFilharmonie (Royal Flemish Philharmonic) - Sindicato Sonico - Philippe Boesmans - Orchestre national de Belgique - ...



Client: Nazanin Fakoor


Client: Nazanin Fakoor

The Tiny Studio is located in Brussels (Belgium), but we love to travel with our tiny equipment all over the place. Do not let distance separate us!

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